SaharaBlues understands the confusion and myths surrounding publishing your work of art. The idea can seem daunting and overwhelming to say the least. So many choices, so many traps and so many hurdles to overcome. That is why Saharablues was created.

As self publishers, the team at Saharablues work with you to take the stress out of publishing. All you need to do is worry about writing your masterpiece.
We link you with the relevant people that will help you step by step through your publishing journey.

At Saharablues, there is a budget and service to cater to everyone. We know that ‘one size doesn’t fit all. So we have a range of illustrators, editors, printers, promotional staff, Web designers, and distributors to help get YOUR BOOK in the market.


  • You retain all the rights to your book
  • You completely control the book design
  • You can get published quickly
  • You can have paperback and hardback  or board book editions
  • You can target your niche market
  • You gain access to your audience
  • You earn royalties on every sale or you can control how you market your books and how you want to earn your money
  • Sell online
  • Join forces with other up and coming writers like yourself giving you a stronger voice
  • Market yourself at book fairs / expeditions or have our team do it for you globally
  • Your book will never go out of print
  • You will have access to around-the-clock customer support


Currently, all her children have memorized the Quran in its entirety and 4 of her children have gone on to further their knowledge of Islam. Alhamdullilah.

Ms. Shehab’s, love for children, and passion for writing pushed her to pursue a diploma in Professional Children’s Writing with The Australian College of Journalism. The college, impressed with one of her pieces, requested to use it as a school resource and thereby went on to get the copyright of the piece. This gave her the necessary confidence to embark upon her writing career.

The birth of her first child started a soul-searching quest of deciphering religion from culture. The more she learned, the more passionate she became about religion. It was at this point, and with the arrival of her 4th child, that she decided to leave the workforce and focus solely on her children and family. She began to home-school her children in order to instill Islamic knowledge, morals, values, and principles, alongside a secular education. Currently, seven of her eight children have memorized the Qur’an in its entirety-Alhamdullilah.

Her personal experiences as a Muslim, brought up in a secular society and witnessing first-hand how these societies have a profound impact on children, contributed strongly for the authorship of her books. These concepts, although very basic, are an attempt to give Muslim children, all over the world, an awareness that there is a CREATOR, SUSTAINER and CHERISHER looking after everything and everyone. Ms. Shehab endeavours to remind them that their lives have a meaningful purpose and their rich Islamic heritage is something to be proud of. This, she believes, is the foundation in establishing a strong sense of Muslim identity and belonging in children regardless of their cultural background.

She would like to give a special “thank you” to her children for their recommendations and being her biggest fans and critics, in writing these books, as well as to her family and friends for their support.


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