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A collection of 8 cleverly written and stunningly illustrated board books. Each book with its own unique Islamic concept, guaranteed to engage and stimulate children of all ages.
The simple, yet concise rhyming text, coupled with beautiful glossy illustrations, highlight simple Islamic concepts.  I encourage you to use these concepts as a platform to spend quality time with your children where you can open and expand their young, imaginative minds and hearts to the beauty of our deen – Islam.
It is my hope that this series will assist you in strengthening and affirming the faith and love for our deen,  from a very young age creating strong believers and exemplary leaders of our future.

In’shaa Allah you and your children enjoy this series.

As a mother, I understand the importance and difficulty in building Imaan (faith) in young children. I have endeavoured to write this series with very simple concepts to help young minds develop a sense of awareness and connection with their Creator, Cherisher and Sustainer – ALLAH (swt).

This series will also serve as a reminder for us adults that Islam is a complete way of life and we can live our 24 hour day in obedience to Allah (swt) because we have the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (saw) to guide us in all matters.

We should take every opportunity to turn our children’s attention to Allah (swt). For example, a day at the park could mean you pointing out the beautiful creations of Allah (swt) and to remind the children to thank Allah (swt) for giving them such a wonderful day. If children ask you for anything, ask Allah (swt) first. He is the only One that can fulfil that need/want. Allah (swt) will use whatever means such as putting it in the heart of the parent, relative, friend etc., to give the child/ren that thing they want. If they hurt themselves or feeling sad because they were teased or just had a bad day, tell them that Allah (swt) loves them so much that the pain felt in this world is elevating them to a higher level in Jannat (paradise). Talk to them about the beauty of Jannat so they can aspire to attain it in’shaa Allah.

This constant talk and pondering over the greatness of Allah (swt) and the following of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (saw) on a daily basis helps cultivate the love and conviction for this wonderful religion and enriches our hearts with the light of Imaan (faith). This will reflect in our speech and ultimately in our actions, making us natural inviters to Islam just like the beloved companions of the Prophet (saw).

Please use this series to open doors of communication with your children and help bring up the coming generations with strong faith (Imaan) so that their love, trust and reliance on Allah (swt) and that of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw) far exceeds our own. Ameen.

Manal Shehab

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